Range of topics


Successful trainers have at their disposal a sound didactic and methodological toolkit. They must be able to convince others through their personality, and they know what is important when it comes to educating adult individuals. Our trainer courses are intended for on-site technical and behavioural trainers/HR developers.

Our topics

Role and personality

Seminar planning, methodology and didactics

Presentation and moderation

Group dynamics

Key questions

Your benefit

  • What self-image should a trainer have?
  • How can my charisma and impact be strengthened through body language, voice, and energy?
  • How important are my own inner resources, and how can I stay self-motivated?

You will familiarise yourself with a trainer‘s specific role and responsibilities, and find your inner resources to fill that role. You will develop ways of coping with severe mental challenges over extended time periods.

Key questions

Your benefit

  • How should learning objectives be operationalised, and how should the content of a seminar be structured?
  • Which are the most motivating teaching methods, and how can they be implemented?
  • How can a combination of challenges and encouragement be used to achieve effective learning?

You will become more confident in planning, implementing, and securing the results of your teaching units in a manner that suits your target group. You will have a well-stocked toolkit that enables you to respond flexibly to the current learning process.

Key questions

Your benefit

  • How can course content be presented in a way that stimulates effective learning?
  • Can the use of media support learning, and what are the criteria for choosing them?
  • How can the presence of a facilitator activate the learning process in a group environment?

You will learn more about how to present your teaching content in a manner that is well structured and to the point, and how to select the right media for the purpose. You will be able to conduct learning discussions within a group and achieve lasting results.

Key questions

Your benefit

  • How can group dynamics support the process of learning?
  • How can intra-group roles and functions be analysed and instrumentalised?
  • What conflicts may occur during the learning process, and how can even ‘difficult‘ participants be involved actively?

You will know how to initiate learning processes within the group and use its learning potential actively. You will develop greater confidence and stay relaxed and in control even in difficult training situations.

Our service portfolio

Introductory seminars 

You select a specific module that will best serve the current training needs. Alternatively, you can leave it to us to assemble for you a complete demand-based seminar concept for your internal advanced-training experts that is composed of several modules.

In-depth seminars 

These seminars either focus on a single theme or a mix of subjects from the basic modules for further professional development. Participants are expected to be familiar with the basics.


A must for all trainers to secure and maintain their personal professionality.